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Computer sewing machine Juki HZL-G120 | Sewing Machines

Computer sewing machine Juki HZL-G120

A real quality machine from the manufacturer of only high quality sewing machines JUKI. Elegant and well-equipped. JUKI HZL-G series electonical sewing machine, fast and powerful, quiet and vibration-free. JUKI household sewing machines are different from other machines:
* respected worldwide competence of the manufacturer of professional machines, the quality of the metal used, excellent build quality;
* technology of industrial machine - as example rotary hook and powerful BOX-feed dog.

Features include:
* 180 different stitches;
* 1 font of letters;
* 8 different fully automatic buttonholes (length is measured by the button);
* more spacious work area height 112 cm and width 203 cm, using an extension table increases the width by 551 mm;
* stitch length adjustment between 0 ... 5 mm;
* stitch width 0 ... 7 mm;
* needle position control: up or down (allows you to make perfect turns at corners and ensures that the fabric stays in place while continuing to sew);
* changing the position of the needle to the left or right from the center (allows to make seams close to the edge) - adjustable in 37 positions;
* lifting the pressure foot: 2-step, up to 12 mm above the needle plate;
* 7-element industrial type BOX-feed dog from real steel;
* the real steel feed dog is more effective (for comparison - the feed dog on the usual household sewing machines are made of light metal alloys);
* The JUKI Tension System enables Sashiko-style hand sewing imitation sewing;
* free arm (as example for sewing cuffs);
* lockstitch at the beginning and the end - possible as an automatic function;
* possibility to switch off the feed dog (needed for freehand embroidery or quilting);
* horizontal hook system is always quiet, ensuring easier bobbin change, amount of thread on the bobbin is always visible;
* the magnetic base protects bobbin case from damage;
* powerful sewing power (8 layers of denim material is not a problem);
* standard 7 mm seam width quick release presser foots group;
* very simple quick automatic needle threader;
* slider to change the final speed of the machine allows you to increase the sensitivity of the pedal or reduce the final speed when performing work that requires special attention;
* LED light in correct place;
* START / STOP switch allows sewing without a pedal, the machine accelerates smoothly to the final speed set by the slider;
* maximum sewing speed 900 stitches per minute;
* weight: 9.0 kg;
* dimensions: 445 (length) × 292 (height) × 223 (width) mm.
Machine set includes:
Plastic hard cover (so-called case), 4 bobbins, needle set, thread stoppers, universal foot (zigzag foot A), buttonhole frame (E), manual buttonhole foot (I), overlock foot (C), zipper foot (B), blind stitch foot (D), T-screwdriver, cleaning brush, seam ripper.

This machine is covered by the manufacturer's warranty only in the territory of Estonia. In the event of warranty issues you will need to transport the machine to Estonia at your expense, which will be shipped back once repaired.



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