Raamat "Anita Catita's Sewn Toy Treasures" | Книги по изготовлению кукол и игрушек

Raamat "Anita Catita's Sewn Toy Treasures"

Keel: Inglise

Autor: Sandra Reis

Publisher: David & Charles
Edition: BC Paperback
Size: 210x273 mm
Illustrations: 160
Pages: 80

15 gorgeous toy sewing patterns reminiscent of early Tilda patterns, from a popular Portuguese sewing and fabric brand.

Step into the world of Anita Catita and prepare to be charmed by the array of beautiful toy patterns to sew. Choose from gorgeous dolls, including rag dolls, ballerinas, pirates, kokeshi and fairies, and adorable animals including cats, rabbits, ducks, reindeer, bears and sheep. All the toys are made using easy sewing techniques and full-size pattern pieces are included.

We live in an age when technology has overtaken toys. Traditional cloth dolls have been replaced by crying, laughing and walking dolls. Although seemingly attractive, these toys limit creativity. Sewn toys with their simplicity and tenderness reverse this reality and stimulate children's emotional and creative development.

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