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Fiskars Scissors

Thread Cutter, snips, 11,5cm, Fiskars 9495

Pihukäärid on populaarseks abiliseks igale õmblejale. Pikka aega kasutusel olnud ka aednike hulgas (näit. maasikavõsude lõikamiseks) ja iluaianduses. Näpuauguga käärivariant võimaldab kätega teha muid toiminguid, ilma et peaks kääre vahepeal ära panema.

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Universal use Scissors 21cm Fiskars (Finland) 9853, 1000815

Universaalkäärid mõõdus (21cm) tuntud Soome tootjalt Fiskars. Sobivad paremakäelistele. KL24 soovitab: * pane tilk õli oma mistahes kääri kruvi vahele * kui kääri terasse on lõigatud täke, lase see välja teritada enne, kui kääri külje sisse jäljed kuluvad, * teritada lase oma kääre ainult spetsialistil.

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Tailoring Shears 24cm Fiskars (Finland) 9863, 1005151

Rätsepakäärid mõõdus (24cm) tuntud Soome tootjalt Fiskars. Käärid on tavalistest kodukääridest pikemad ja raskemad. Paksem tera ei paindu välja ja võimaldab ka paksemate kangaste (linane, samet, teksakangas jne) lõikamist. Sobivad paremakäelistele. KL24 soovitab: * pane tilk õli oma mistahes kääri kruvi vahele * kui kääri terasse on lõigatud tä...

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Universal Scissors, 21cm, Fiskars (Finland)

Functional Form Universal Scissors from Fiskars feature sharp blades with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use over an extended period of time. Great for cutting paper, laminated materials, and fabric. Only for right-handed users.

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Universal Use Scissors, 24cm, Fiskars (Finland)

These universal use scissors from Fiskars are perfect for a wide range of crafting projects, and can effectively cut through fabrics, paper, foil, and more. The ergonomic handle is contoured to provide exceptional grip and comfort in use.

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Universal Scissors, 17cm, Fiskars (Finland)

These hobby scissors from Fiskars ensure precise cuts every time. The comfortable handle and stainless steel blade make working with this pair of scissors a pleasure. For left and right hand.

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Hobby & Garden Scissors, 19cm, Fiskars (Finland), 111010

These hobby and garden scissors from Fiskars can be used in a wide variety of situations. The scissors are designed with a small, sharp blade and long handle to provide you with extra leverage when extra force is needed.

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Children's Hobby Scissors, Fiskars (Finland), 839991, 13cm

These children's hobby scissors help ensure craft time is fun and safe for the entire family. The stainless steel blades cut through paper easily, but come with blunt tips to prevent accidents like poking. The comfortable handle and combined length of 13cm make the scissors a pleasure to use. Note: not for use by children unattended by an adult.

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Pinking Shears, 23,5cm, Fiskars (Finland), 9445, 1005130

* Zig-zag design creates a unique cutting pattern that helps prevent fraying of fabric edges. * Use the unique pattern to add a fun twist on paper crafts. * The bottom blade is longer than the top blade, making it easier to cut continuously. * Stainless steel blade provides exception cutting power. * The plastic handle provides extra comfort and a sec...

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Needlework Scissors, 13cm, Fiskars (Finland), 9881, 1005153

These classic needlework scissors from Fiskars feature a fine tip for delicate work that requires a careful touch. The comfortable handle and extra sharp blade ensures an exact cut each time.

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