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Raamat "A New Dimension in Wool Appliqué"

Keel: Inglise

Baltimore Album Style by Deborah Gale Tirico.

Publisher: C&T Publishing
Edition: BC Paperback
Size: 216x280 mm
Illustrations: 120
Pages: 96

Learn Deborah Tirico's dimensional felted-wool techniques such as beading, trapunto, layering and needle-slanting.

Honour the legacy and history of Baltimore Album blocks with Deborah Tirico’s distinctive appliqué style! With luscious felted wool and textures as rich as the history they depict, well-known motifs are the basis for 9 appliqué projects from table rugs and pillows to pincushions. No-fray wool appliqué is a perfect take-along project for leisurely stitching with no turned edges. Perfect techniques such as trapunto, layering, stuffing, needle-slanting, and beading with this complete visual guide, which also includes full-size templates and tips for personalising Baltimore classics.

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