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Raamat "Pottery You Can Use"

Keel: Inglise An essential guide to making plates, pots, cups and jugs by Jacqui Atkin. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 190 x 246 mm Illustrations: 500 Pages: 224 25 practical pottery projects for your home, from cups to oven dishes, and with dozens of variations We all use ceramics on a daily basis without thinking muc...

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Raamat "Beginner's Guide to Pottery & Ceramics"

Keel: Inglise Everything you need to know to start making beautiful ceramics by Jacqui Atkin. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 215x280 mm Illustrations: 300 Pages: 128 A practical guidebook for beginner potters, teaching all the skills you need to start creating beautiful ceramics. Clay is an exciting material that has b...

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Raamat "The Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques"

Keel: Inglise A unique visual directory of pottery techniques, with guidance on how to use them by Peter Cosentino Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 222x222 mm Illustrations: 600 Pages: 176 The new and up-to-date edition of the popular and comprehensive pottery book by ceramics expert Peter Cosentino. Inside, discover all...

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Raamat "Imeline Keraamika"

Imeline Keraamika Autor: Frida Anhin Broberg Lehekülgede arv:192 Mõõdud: 260x220 ISBN: 978-9985-64-468-3

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"Hõbesavist Amuletid"

"Hõbesavist Amuletid" 50 kaunist projekti samm-sammuliste ja selgete juhenditega Köide: kõva Lehekülgi: 144 Autor: Sue Heaser Mõõdud: 230x230mm ISBN: 978-9949-34-117-7

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