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Needle Felting & Embellishing Machines

12 needle Felting & Embellishing Machine Baby Lock Embellisher

Introducing the Embellisher - Now with 12 Needles. If you're looking for a technique to make your projects stand out in a crowd, then the Embellisher is the machine for you. Sewers, quilters, crafters and embroidery lovers all appreciate the extra touch that this machine can bring to any project. The Embellisher uses the unique art of European Needle ...

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Felting Machine Janome FM725

Nüüd on saadaval enneolematult hea hinnaga ka kvaliteetmasinatootja Janome viltimismasin FM725. Masinaga viltimisest on saanud praeguseks omaette käsitöökunsti haru (vt. meie linki lehekülje lõpus), nii nagu varem on saanud lapitehnikast või masinteppimisest. Viimane on Eestis ehk põhjendamatult vähe levinud. Masina nõelte viltivaid omadusi saab kasut...

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Felting & Embellishing Machine Merrylock SP1100

* Makes felting projects easy and efficient thanks to the rapid movement of the needles. * Can be used to create custom fabrics using raw fibres of various types. * Allows with use of 1-5 needles, providing you with flexibility depending on what your current project needs. * Plastic needle guard prevents your fingers from getting injured. * No thread ...

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addi Quick Turbo Felting Needle, addi, 850-2

* Needle moves at a rapid 2500 depressions per minute. * Easily turn the needle on and off using the convenient switch near the needle. * Features a strong steel tip and comfortable plastic handle. * Watch to learn more: addi Quick Needle Felting Tool

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