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Garden Scissors

Multi-functional heavy duty scissors, X'Sor DW-7000

Sobivad nii vasaku-kui paremakäelistele. Paksust roostevabast terasest kvaliteetkäärid. Hea abivahend igasse kodusse. Käepide toimib vedrukääri põhimõttel: lõikamiseks tuleb vaid pigistada. Nende kääridega saad lõigata lillevarsi, kanakonte, juhtmeid (selleks otstarbeks on teras spetsiaalne sisselõige; kuni 4-soonelist kaablit), lõigata kuni 0,5mm traa...

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Hobby & Garden Scissors / 19cm / Fiskars (Finland), 111010

These hobby and garden scissors from Fiskars can be used in a wide variety of situations. The scissors are designed with a small, sharp blade and long handle to provide you with extra leverage when extra force is needed.

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Utility Knife K40 / Fiskars (Finland), 125860

The Fiskars Utility Knife K40 is a stainless steel universal-use knife with a comfortable plastic grip. The knife comes with a plastic seath for safe and secure storage when not in use. The blade has a length of 100mm, making it the ideal size for crafting, gardening, fishing, hunting, and more.

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Multi-Function Shears 21cm, X'Sor (Taiwan), DW-7005

These multi-function shears from X'Sor feature a short blade with long handle, providing you with extra cutting power for difficult projects. The handle is covered in comfortable rubber, and the spring makes it easy to work over an extended period of time.

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Multi-Function Scissors / 19cm / X'Sor (Taiwan), DW-7006

* Ideal for cutting cables and other tough objects. * Strong and sharp blade with an extended handle for extra cutting power. * Sturdy ergonomic handle with soft padding for comfort. * Handle includes a spring that makes it easy to use over an extended period of time.

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