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Fusible single sided Foam Stabilizer Bosal Style 495SB | Tools, Materials

Fusible single sided Foam Stabilizer Bosal Style 495SB

Interfacing & Stabilizer. Ideal for bag making, purse making, laptop/mobile phone cover making, for table textile etc...

Always test fuse the selected fabric and the selected fusible interfacing prior to start of any project.
Important for a successful bond: time, temperature and pressure.
1) Time always depends on the thickness of the fabric and how much heat you are applying.
2) Temperature: Remember the resin or glue on fusible will draw towards a strong heat source. Use the maximum what is possible. The project should be able to withstand the temperature for
at least 8-12 seconds.
3) Pressure: When applying the iron use a downward pressure for 8-12 seconds. If the fabric is heavier/thicker, you may need to use a higher temperature and more time.
If the fabric is a synthetic or silk, use less time and a lower temperature with less pressure to prevent burning or scorch marks.
Do not glide the iron when fusing. Use a press and lift motion with very little overlap.
To  help achieve the proper bond always use steam and moisture, or a misted pressing cloth to protect the fabric.

Bubbling on one side of fabric - Fabric and Interfacing need preshrinking

Bubbling on both sides of fabric - Heat is too high - lower iron temperature

Poor bond - Fabrics are not compatible; fabrics are water repellent or stain guarded
Poor bond - Heat is too low - raise iron temperature, increase pressure and pressure time.

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