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More Jewellery Tools

Craft Catcher 16,5 cm x 21,5 cm, Classic Knit T1944

Alusel saad sorteerida ja jäägi tagasi säilitusanumasse kallata. Nurkades on 2 eri suurusega ja korgiga suletud lehtrilaadset valamisauku. Kasutus: - pärlitöödes sorteerimiseks ja valamiseks - erinevates käsitöötehnikates litripulbrite, värvilise või helkiva liiva jms levitamiseks/laiali puistamiseks

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Spin-N-Bead Bead Loader / Beadalon (USA) / 206A-410

The often tedious process of stringing beads is made quick, simple, and fun with the Beadalon Spin-N-Bead. Just pour the bead of your choice to fill up to 1/3 of the bowl, spin the metal knob in the center, and use the included curved big eye needle to have the beads string themselves. The sturdy wooden build ensures that the rotation will be smooth, unli...

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Curved Big Eye Beading Needles, Spin-n-Bead needles, 2pcs, 9cm, Beadalon 700A-300

This curved big eye beading needle from Beadalon allows you to easily string beads using the Beadalon Spin-N-Bead. The needle can be used on its own as well, with the curved end acting as a great way to prevent beads from sliding off. Length: 90mm Count: 2

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Beading Loom / Beadalon (USA) / 206A-050

This beading loom from Beadalon makes bead weaving easy, and can be used for making bracelets, necklaces, amulets, belts, and more. Creating complex patterns with this beading loom is extremely simple when using this beading loom. The kit comes with instructions so you can get started quickly and with confidence.

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Jewel loom, Beadalon 206S-064

Beadalon Jewel Loom by Julianna C Avelar, is innovative, portable, lightweight and easy to use. The sleek design with a work surface of 2.75 in wide and 10.5 in long is perfect for creating fashionable, on-trend jewelry pieces. The Jewel Loom fits perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for ease of use for a comfortable grip and ultimate control while...

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Knotter Tool / Beadalon (USA) / JTECONKNOT

This knotting tool from Beadalon is perfect for creating tight and consistent knots. The tool can be used in either your left or right hand, making it convenient and comfortable for anyone to hold. You can perform the same functions as a beading awl and tweezer. Length: 150mm

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Tacky Bead Mat / Beadalon (USA) / 218H-200

Working with small beads and pearls has never been easier when using this Beadalon beading tacky mat. The washable plastic material keeps beads in place, without damaging or altering their finish. By combing multiple squares, it's possible to create a large work area to make your current and future projects a pleasant experience. Length/Width: 105 ...

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Jewellery Polishing Cloth 7 cm x 7 cm, Beadalon 230A-010

This Beadalon polishing cloth can be used to give worn pieces of jewellery new life. The cloth is best used in combination with a jewellery cleaning spray, to ensure that dirt and tarnish have been thoroughly removed.

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Bead Mat 23 cm x 30 cm, BO684

This bead mat helps you keep beads and other jewelery components in place while working with them. The foam-like material is soft and comfortable to use, and can be washed. Thickness: 1,8mm

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Small Kumihimo Braiding Disk ø 11cm, Beadalon (USA) 223F-010

This foam rubber disk is a great tool for complex wire work that requires consistency and precision. The 32 firm tabs make it easy to plan out jewelery pieces made of wire. Instructions are included with the product. Thickness: 0,8cm Diameter: ø11cm

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