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Cover stitch machine Juki MCS-1500 | Coverlock Machines

Cover stitch machine Juki MCS-1500

Features include:
- the ability to sew with 2/3/4 threads (wide, narrow, chain);
- wide feed dog prevents the fabric from running away to the side;
- differential feed dog prevents waviness of the seams on knitted, elastic fabrics and thin materials;
- high quality motor and pedal assembly (YDK);
- LED bright lighting in the right place.
Machine set includes:
- standard universal presser foot;
- a set of needles (KL24 recommends using a specially designed Schmetz needle ELх705, nr. 80 and 90);
- nets for slippery and strongly twisted threads;
- screwdriver;
- tweezers;
- looper threader;
- spool holders;
- brush;
- dust cover.

KL24 thread recommendations:
If you do not have an overlock thread, then we recommend purchasing them with the machine. For home use, we recommend using a scheme where you can use ordinary sewing thread on the needles (a spool with a volume of 200-1000m, the thread gives additional strength to the seam) and only overlock thread on the loopers (usually a bobbin size of 5000m). The thread on the loopers is consumed quickly, whether the seam is soft or rough depends on the thickness. Incorrect thread thickness puts additional stress on the machine and subsequently causes the machine to malfunction or break down. And therefore, you need to use a thin overlock thread on the loopers. Do not use looper thread if: 1) too thick; 2) uneven thickness - you will see it with your eyes and feel unevenness to the touch; 3) thread that twists when sewing. The thread on the left side will be seen on the right side of the fabric when sewing.
If you're unsure if your choice of thread is suitable for an overlock, try breaking the 4-thread bundle at once. If it does not break or it was difficult, then it will be a also difficult for the machine, such threads will be unsuitable.

Thread 370m for needles can be found HERE
Thread 1000m for needles can be found HERE
Loopers thread 5000m can be found HERE

This machine is covered by the manufacturer's warranty only in the territory of Estonia. In the event of warranty issues you will need to transport the machine to Estonia at your expense, which will be shipped back once repaired.



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