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Sewing Room Accessories, Sizes: OS (ONE SIZE), Simplicity Pattern #8532 | Home Textile Sewing Patterns, Paches

Sewing Room Accessories, Sizes: OS (ONE SIZE), Simplicity Pattern #8532

Vintage inspired sewing room accessories. Includes sewing mat and cover, scrap bag, scissor case, fabric weights, sewing project caddy, neddle case, pin cusion and wall organizer. Simplicity Sewing Pattern.

This Simplicity sewing pattern comes with a 1:1 pattern for different garment sizes. Using a tracing wheel, you can draw the pattern directly to the fabric or precut from tracing paper.

Refer to the chart to see:

- recommended fabric qualityes

- the amount of fabric required (usually 150 cm wide) for different garment sizes in inch (") and cm

Simplicity make sewing patterns in USA from 1927.

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