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Diamnod-shaped faceted glass beads, Jablonex (Czech), 6mm | Crystal Imitation Glass Beads

Diamnod-shaped faceted glass beads, Jablonex (Czech), 6mm

These glass beads have a faceted pattern, creating a beautiful texture that catches the light and your eye. Crystal imitation beads differ from ordinary glass beads, having higher brightness and sparkle. The beads are made with high precision manufacturing processes, ensuring a consistent finish. Jablonex is one of the premier bead manufacturers in the Czech Republic, known worldwide for their high quality glass beads.

Bead diameter: 6mm
Hole diameter: 1mm

Prices vary between beads of the same size and type due to each one requiring energy-intensive finishing steps. Some are only produced in small batches, which is more expensive than mass production.

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