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Raamat "Very British Baby Knits"

Keel: Inglise 30 stylish designs fit for a royal baby by Susan Campbell. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback with flaps Size: 204x260 mm Pages: 128 For many years, Susan Campbell has designed and produced special one-off pieces for a variety of high-profile clients. Susan’s Estate butts onto the Royal Sandringham Estate, home o...

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Raamat "200 Ripple Stitch Patterns"

Keel: Inglise Exciting patterns to knit and crochet for afghans, blankets and throws by Jan Eaton. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 222x222 mm Illustrations: 400 Pages: 128 A brand new edition of this essential guide to knitting and crocheting 200 ripple stitches, by internationally renowned needlecraft and textile designer...

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Raamat "The Mitten Handbook"

Keel: Inglise Knitting Recipes to Make Your Own by Mary Scott Huff. Publisher: Abrams & Chronicle Edition: BC Paperback Size: 191x232 mm Pages: 160 For years, students have asked knitting instructor Mary Scott Huff for a book on their favourite topicknitting mittensbut one that empowers them to create their own mittens their own way. This ...

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Raamat "Alterknit Stitch Dictionary"

Keel: Inglise 200 Modern Knitting Motifs by Andrea Rangel. Publisher: F&W Media Edition: BB Hardback Size: 203x254 mm Illustrations: 200 Pages: 164 Alterknit Stitch Dictionary takes an unexpected look st stranded colurwork with 200 new motifs. Alterknit Stitch Dictionary takes an unexpected look at stranded colourwork with 200 new moti...

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Raamat "Knitted Rabbits"

Keel: Inglise 20 easy knitting patterns for cuddly bunnies by Val Pierce. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 190x235 mm Illustrations: 130 Pages: 96 20 beautiful bunnies to knit with easy patterns from fluffy bunnies to finger puppets. Love rabbits? Love knitting? Then this book is for you! Packed with 20 brilliant, bou...

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Raamat "Think Outside the Sox"

Keel: Inglise 50 winning patterns from the Knitter's Magazine contest by Elaine Rowley. Publisher: XRX Books Edition: BC Paperback Size: 242x255 mm Illustrations: 100 Pages: 120 Knit creative socks from award-winning designs. Showcasing more than 50 winning designs from the publisher's international knitting contest, this collectio...

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Raamat "Knitted Birds"

Keel: Inglise Over 30 fun feathered friends for you to knit by Nicky Fijalkowska. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback with flaps Size: 190x235 mm Pages: 128 Patterns and instructions to knit more than twenty types of birds are contained in this gem of a book, along with information on the materials, tools and techniques you'll ne...

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Raamat "Arne & Carlos: Greatest Knits"

Keel: Inglise Favourite projects and new designs to knit and crochet by Arne & Carlos. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 210x277 mm Illustrations: 342 Pages: 272 The ultimate Arne & Carlos collection! Celebrate 15 years of the famous men who knit, with this beautiful book filled with their favourite projects plus bra...

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Raamat "Wild Mittens & Unruly Socks"

Keel: Inglise 22 outrageously unique knitting patterns by Lumi Karmitsa. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 210x255 mm Illustrations: 200 Pages: 128 Learn how to knit colourwork gloves and socks, and discover a colourful cornucopia of animals, flowers, lettering and playful contemporary motifs, with Lumi Karmitsa's clear,...

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Raamat "Mini Knitted Woodland"

Keel: Inglise Cute & easy knitting patterns for animals, birds and other forest life by Sachiyo Ishii. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 190x235 mm Pages: 96 Sachiyo Ishii has designed 28 delightful mini knitted creatures along with a woodland mat, mushrooms, trees, treestumps and a gnome with a toadstool house to complet...

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