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Left Hand Scissors

Left-Handed Tailor Shears, 21cm, KAI (Japan), 5210-L

These left-handed tailor sheers from KAI feature large stainless steel blades that can cut effortlessly through multiple layers of fabrics. The comfortable handles and blades are both designed specifically for left-handed use.

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Children's Hobby Scissors, Left-Handed, 13cm, Fiskars (Finland), 9993

These left-handed children's hobby scissors help ensure craft time is fun and safe for the entire family. The stainless steel blades cut through paper easily, but come with blunt tips to prevent accidents like poking. The comfortable handle and combined length of 13cm make the scissors a pleasure to use. Note: not for use by children unattended by ...

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Left-Handed Scissors, 16,5cm, Kretzer Finny Solingen, 62015-L

These left-handed scissors from Finny feature large, extra sharp stainless steel blades. The comfortable plastic handle provides a strong and secure grip.

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Universal Scissors, Left-Handed, 21cm, Fiskars (Finland), 9850, 1005147

These universal use scissors from Fiskars are great for a wide variety of crafting projects. The handle and blade are designed for left-handed use, ensuring comfort even over a long period of time.

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