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Glue & Adheshives

Transparent double-sided textile glue sheet 25x30cm, Ki-Sign Textile Glue

CHARACTERISTICS Fabrics and accessories become hot-fix. Permanent glue (fabric on fabric, fabric on wood, fabric on cardboard, fabric on glass, …). Washable at 40 °C after fixing by ironing. APPLICATIONS For application on textiles and other materials by ironing. Ideal for customisation of clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, …,...

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Adhesive G-S Hypo Cement, 14122

G-S Hypo Cement is known worldwide as quality craft glue. The 9ml tube comes with a fine applicator, which enables you to use the adhesive precisely and without waste. The tube can be resealed, allowing you to keep any unused cement for future use. Ideal for both porous and non-porous surfaces, this glue can be used for fabrics, jewelery making, arts and ...

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Long Glue Sticks (ø 8 mm x 300 mm) for Mini Glue Gun

Pikad liimipulgad, millest jätkub kauemaks. ø 8 mm liimipulga läbimõõt on kujunenud omamoodi standardiks ja sobib peaaegu kõigisse väiksematesse liimipüstolitesse, tootjast ja kaubamärgist sõltumata. Kasutamine: 1. Lülita liimipüstol siisse ja lase kuumeneda 2. Torka liimipulk liimipüstoli tagant sisse ja suru kuni kuuma otsikuni. Edasi lükkamisek...

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Textile Adhesive Textillim, Casco, Sika, AkzoNobel 2955

Provides a water resistant (resist washing up to +60°C ), white glue film after drying. Casco Textillim is based on natural rubber and preferably intended for bonding of rough textile fabrics e.g. jeans, working clothes, tents etc. Casco Textillim is suitable for cotton, wool, linen, polyester, acrylic/wool, Polyester/cotton, leather etc. Ready ...

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Contact adhesive glue Kontaktlim, Casco, Sika 2960

A light coloured adhesive in a solvent mixture high initial strength Can be used on a great number of materials such as metals, wood, fiber-board, cardboard, ceramics, leather, textiles rubber, polyether foam and many synthetic materials e.g. laminates (formica), vinyls etc. Thixotropic and especially suitable for vertical surfaces.Good water resistanc...

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Super Glue Express Lim 5g, Casco, Sika #2929

Adhesive for bonding both porous and non-porous materials. Casco Expressgel is especially intended for small objects of metal, stone, porcelain, ceramics, rubber, rigid plastics, wood, cork, leather etc.

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Fabric glue, docorating glue, Fasro

For sticking beads, ribbons, glitter, glitter dust, foil, mirror work, lace, sequins etc to most surfaces. Application - spread a thin layer of glue on the decoration. Place the decoration on the fabric. Let it set for 10 minutes. Press to decoration and fabric together using light pressure for 10 secs. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Post care - wash...

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Permanent fabric Adhesive Spray Odif Fixation Permanente, 125 ml

Custom facile use to customize clothing and textile products. Use: This product permanently adheres to the fabric after ironing for 45 seconds on a cotton setting (***). Glues fabric, appliques, badges, ribbons … Can be washed on warm setting (40°C) and dry cleaned. Acid free, does not stain. Permanently glue fabric, felt, jeans, lace, linen...

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Fusible Adhesive Permanent Odif 606, 250 ml

Use 606 enables adhering permanently onto fabric after ironing for 45 secondes on cotton setting. Glues fabrics, appliqués, badges, ribbons... Great for machine embroidery - makes all non-woven stabilizers or paper fusible Can be washed on warm setting (40°C) and dry cleaned. Bases Fabrics, jean's, wood, frame- Canvas, nonwoven.

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Decoupage Glue, glue-varnish spray, Odif 202, 250 ml

Use Granite varnish glue is a 3 in 1 glue: a glue, a varnish and a granite finish. The only product with which it is possible to glue fine paper or a napkin onto paper without creasing and warping of the background. Suitable for all mixed media use and surfaces. Bases: Paper napkin, fine paper, tissue paper, material paper, cardboard, fabrics. ...

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