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Super Strech Needles for Home Overlockers (Sergers) & Sewing Machines, Syst HA×1sp; SY2022 | Machine Needles

Super Strech Needles for Home Overlockers (Sergers) & Sewing Machines, Syst HA×1sp; SY2022


The Super Stretch Needle is suitable for use with thicker threads.
It is also suitable for sewing lingerie or bras, as the special blade design helps to prevent needle breakage.

Suitable fabrics

Highly elastic fabrics
Needle sizes NM 65 for ultra-fine stretch fabric like microfiber

Special feature

Special flat shank
Special blade design
Enlarged eye
Wider thread groove

The SCHMETZ Super Stretch Needle is closer to the hook thanks to a special flat shank, which makes it easier for the hook to pick up the thread loop. This feature prevents skipped stitches, even when working with highly elastic fabrics. The special blade design ensures less needle breakage and particularly straight stitches. Thanks to the larger eye combined with the wider thread groove, you can use the Super Stretch Needle with thicker sewing threads. This means that there is less pull on the threads, so that they no longer tear.

The medium ball point is suitable for all types of knitted fabric, because it displaces the loops, thus preventing damage to the material. These needles can be identified quickly and easily as special needles by the white colored ring on the shoulder of the Super Stretch Needle.

The Super Stretch Needles can be used in all household sewing machines that require the 130/705 H needle system, as well as in some overlock machines (more information is available in the user manual). Due to its characteristics, the Super Stretch Needle is an alternative to the Stretch Needle when sewing with thicker threads.

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