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Air Dry White modelling clay Darwi Classic | Clay, plasticine

Air Dry White modelling clay Darwi Classic

Very homogeneous clay with fine texture
The fine texture of the clay allows the work of the most delicate modelling as thin fingerprinting
Soft, middle elastic, opaque clay
No smell; no sticking to the hands
Drying time: minimum 24 h/cm (depending upon the air humidity)
Medium hard after drying
No shrinkage when drying
Has a good adherence to all kind of materials, on porous materials, moisten the surface before applying the clay

Take always small quantities of clay at once and work it quickly
Before modelling, knead the clay well in the hands without water to soften it. If no crack appears when smoothing the clay, it is ready to be worked
An unfinished realisation can be leaved and then be continued later
To add a fresh layer on dry clay, dampen the dry piece slightly before adding fresh clay
Let it dry at room temperature on absorbent paper
After fully dry, it can be corrected with a sharp scalpel or sanded in order to get a smooth result
After it is fully dry it can be painted or varnished with DARWI paints and varnishes
Don’t add water at the beginning of modelling! If the clay is too wet, cracks will appear when drying
Don’t touch the fresh realisations during its drying time in order to avoid cracks
Pack thoroughly the unused clay in foil and in a hermetic box! Keep at room temperature
Besides the traditional application this clay is also suitable to be used in moulds. For this usage put a piece of clay in the mould without using water and take it immediately out with any sharp tool. Such elements can be fixed on any surface with a water-based acrylic glue (DARWI SUPER STRONG ACRYLIC GLUE)
Wash the used tools with water

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