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Purse Frame DIY needle set, SewMate SN-C41

* 5 assorted needles include standard needles along with a curved needles. * Wide range of needles allows you to make fixes to a wide variety of household items, including furniture, clothing, toys, and more.

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Leather Needles

* Needles of varying lengths and widths, providing you with an array of choices for your project. * Triangular pointed tip provides extra piercing power through leather and other materials, while preventing damage such as tearing.

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Needle Threader

* Practical tool that makes threading needles for yarn work a painless process. * Allows you to thread multiple individual threads together at the same time with no extra work.

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Pack Needles, KL0170

Nõelad sobivad mitmesuguseks harrastustegevuseks.

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Pack Needles, Pony 88002

Nõelad sobivad mitmesuguseks harrastustegevuseks.

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Yarn Darners needles, Pony

Teravad nõelad sobivad lõngaga nõelumiseks ja jämeda niidi või peenikese nööriga õmblemiseks.

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Knitters Needles, Pony

Komplektis 2 tömpi villasenõela ehk silmkoenõela.

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Wool needles, Pony

Komplektis 1 tömp ja 1 terav villasenõel.

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Crewel Needles, Pony

* Fine needle tip makes it easy to work quickly and efficiently. * Extra large eye allows you to thread multiple strands of embroidery thread or thicker yarns.

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