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Double bed knitting machine Nika KH-864/KR-850 (TH-864/TR-850) | Knitting machines

Double bed knitting machine Nika KH-864/KR-850 (TH-864/TR-850)

Double bed mechanical punch card 5 gauge knitting machine for knitting all yarn types for example Nm 7/2 (100gr-350m) and thiner. Machine perfectly works in small workshops and private use where are very important reliability and durability. Nika KH-864/KR-850 is Brother KH-864/KR-850 (popular and last Brother's model) analogue, without lace carriage, machine outfited with Japan parts. This machine is considered popular and universal because it can knit in a thin and coarse yarns. Thanks to the technical design of the machine it can knit the same pattern in different ways. Machine as standard set attached built-in function for double bed jacquard knitting.

Techical specifications:
- pattern repeat 24 stitches,
- needles quantity 200 and pitch size 4.5 mm,
- fully automated needle selection,
- a wide range of possibilities to knit like flat, tuck, fair-isle, skip, weaving, lace, rib, racking, circular and etc.

Set includes: main bed, ribber, carriages, sinker plate assembly, connecting arm, tension unit, carying case, tools, punch cards, manual (EST, RUS, ENG, FIN). Everything what you need for immediate operation included just add imagination and yarn!

KL24 knitting technics checked and oiled. Pre-sale control very important because imprudent use may cause substantial damage to the standing rigid machine. Knitting machine made up of hundreds of pieces which all have to move in the best possible way. Machine servicing and greasing are used German quality oils to ensure the accuracy of the carriage and the durability. Warranty 24 month.

KL24 provides the necessary support for the machines: maintenance and repair. The vast majority of spare parts, accessories and supplies immediately available from our stock. If necessary we have contact for the training / courses. Experienced salesman will always be ready to present the machines and provide consultation and the  proper machine selection. Nika is an Estonian trademark having been called to distinguish KL24 machines from similar machines, other manufacturers of the products. This technology machines manufactured in many factorys and Nika is the best available version.

Double bed knitting machine Nika KH-864/KR-850 (TH-864/TR-850) no lace carriage

Price: 1170.00 € / set

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big frame Double bed knitting machine Nika KH-864/KR-850 (TH-864/TR-850) no lace carriage

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