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Raamat "Compendium of Sewing Techniques"

Keel: Inglise 250 tips, techniques and trade secrets by Lorna Knight. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 190x246 mm Illustrations: 150 Pages: 160 An indispensable compendium of technical know-how and troubleshooting tips, this book covers all the sewing techniques you could ever need, along with hints, timesaving tips, and ho...

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Raamat "Seasonal Table Toppers"

Keel: Inglise 20 Quick-to-Stitch Projects by Chris Malone. Publisher: Annie's Edition: BC Paperback Size: 218x278 mm Pages: 56 Table décor is such a wonderful subject for a sewing book! We all gather around the table for our most important occasions and making an effort to dress up the table shows the care and affection we have for our fam...

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Raamat "Complete Dressmaking Skills"

Keel: Inglise Step-by-step guides to a wide range of techniques and stitches by Lorna Knight. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 195x228 mm Pages: 256 This comprehensive guide to dressmaking combines clear step-by-step photography with accompanying online video tutorials to teach you everything you need to know about dressmaki...

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Raamat "Wen Redmond's Digital Fiber Art"

Keel: Inglise Combine Photos & Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece by Wen Redmond. Publisher: C&T Publishing Edition: BC Paperback Size: 216x280 mm Illustrations: 500 Pages: 128 Transform your photographs into matchless works of art with mixed-media techniques and quilting. Compose, create, and print innovative art qui...

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Raamat "A Beginner's Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics"

Keel: Inglise Everything you need to know to make 20 essential garments by Wendy Ward. Publisher: Cico Books Edition: BC Paperback With flaps Size: 208 x 276 mm Illustrations: 200 Pages: 128 Wendy’s style is functional but beautifully simplistic; you will learn the skills to make garments out of knitted fabrics that drape effortlessly a...

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Raamat "Sewing Clothes for Barbie"

Keel: Inglise 24 stylish outfits for fashion dolls by Annabel Benilan. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 195x225 mm Illustrations: 450 Pages: 128 Sew Barbie this cute wardrobe of 24 stylish outfits. Sew clothes for every day: for a picnic in the country, for skiing, for the beach or for DIY. Or create outfits for special occ...

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Raamat "Sew Emoji"

Keel: Inglise Mix & Match 60 Features for Custom Emoticons, Make a Twin-Size Quilt, Pillows & More by Gailen Runge. Publisher: C&T Publishing Edition: BC Paperback Size: 216x280 mm Pages: 64 Make this darling bedroom set for a child, young adult, or anyone young at heart! Combine thirty-five popular emojis to create four fast, fun ...

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Raamat "Sew Your Own Felt Advent Calendar"

Keel: Inglise With 24 mini felt toys to make for Christmas by Sachiyo Ishii. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 190x235 mm Illustrations: 300 Pages: 80 Sew your own felt advent calendar, with 24 cute little felt toys to delight your family in the run up to Christmas. Advent calendars take pride of place in homes all over t...

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Raamat "Sew Beautiful Quilted Bags"

Keel: Inglise 28 gorgeous projects using patchwork & appliqué by Akemi Shibata. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback + 1 double-sided large format pattern sheet bound to spine Size: 210x260 mm Pages: 144 Learn to sew 28 beautiful hand-quilted bags with Japanese quilt artist Akemi Shibata. In Sew Beautiful Quilted Bags, Japanese...

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Raamat "Handmade Style"

Keel: Inglise 24 Must-Have Basics to Stitch, Use, and Wear by Anna Graham. Publisher: Lucky Spool Media Edition: BC Paperback Size: 204x254 mm Pages: 160 Handmade Style is a thoughtful collection of a variety of sewing projects to stretch your skills and keep you enjoying the process of creating throughout the year. Each project builds upon th...

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