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Overlock (Serger) Baby Lock Eclipse dx BLE1DX-2 | Overlocks & Sergers

Overlock (Serger) Baby Lock Eclipse dx BLE1DX-2

Are you a professional tailor? Maybe the overlock is needed simply because you like to sew and sewing for you is a pleasurable trade or hobby? Anyway you will be surprised by the BABY LOCK ECLIPSE because it is perfectly designed and makes fine stitching. This is one of the best overlockers, which sews so beautifully and efficiently any kind of fabric, that it will surprise any professional dressmaker.There is no fabric that would be impregnable for this machine. Any of your sewing projects will be carried out perfectly and flawlessly.You only need to try this machine and we promise you will "fall in love", because it is perfectly designed machine.

The advantages of these sewing machines:
- From now on, threading the overlock loopers and needles will not be a difficult job - just a fun attraction.
- The highest quality steel pipe loopers – it has never been so easy to thread, as the machine does it automatically. Loopers are made ​​of high-strength steel tubes, which are characterized by an extraordinary strength.
- It is extremely easy to thread, because operation is made by special mechanism which also has worldwide license.
- Patented new yarn tensioning system Micromatic Twin Cam Tension System ™- thread tension is controlled by special regulators. That is why threading hasbecome much easier. Micromatic regulator feels what rate should be strained in any of the four threads. If you want to adjust an additional one or the other thread tension, this can be done manually by turning Micromatic regulator to the right side.In this way, any fabric will be sewn perfectly.
- All necessary tools will be in a great tool and accessory box, which is integrated into a machine thread stand.
-  Vertical needle system prevents the needles from the inclination and ensures excellent seam quality (worldwide patent).
- All in one convenient place-seam width, density regulators and the cutting edge of the blade release lever. Precise and simple stitch width adjustment knobs are easy to support.There is no need to open the side door, push the lever, or speculate on the seam width. Just simple, convenient, genius technology.By the one-handles steer set the whipping density or tight Baby Lock type of stitch.
- Patented blade cutting system for cutting-edge, the tissue transport and needle work is done synchronously (worldwide patent). Blades are made from the highest quality of hardened steel, which is coated with a special layer of ebonite.
- Precise and simple stitch width adjustment knobs are easy to support.There is no need to open the side door, push the lever, or speculate on the seam width.
- A wide range of differential performed as in a professional industrial machines. Result is always the best even if sewing complicated knitwear.
- For best results, top-quality seam, exclusive and unique products, a simple and easy to set-up-all this with Baby Lock machines will become routine and pleasurable trades.



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