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Fabric Paint 25 ml, Dylon (England) | Paints, dyes

Fabric Paint 25 ml, Dylon (England)

• Suitable for all washable fabrics.
• Gives permanent colour.
• All paint colours are fully intermixable.
• Fabric returns to original softness after washing.
• Dylon Fabric Paints are available in three different effects: Standard, Metallic and Colours for Dark Fabrics.

1. Wash and dry chosen garment.
2. Place a protective backing underneath the design area.
3. Shake bottle. Paint onto fabric using a soft brush.
4. Allow to dry.
5. To fix the colour, cover the painted area with a clean cloth and iron on a very hot setting for 1-2 minutes. Fix between layers if you are painting more than one coat.
6. The fabric returns to its original softness after washing.

Tips for using Fabric Paints:
• The basic colour range works best on light coloured fabrics. If using on dark fabrics, apply one or two layers or white paint first, fixing between each layer.
• The ‘Fabric Paints for Dark Fabrics’ are especially formulated to give bright colours on dark fabrics.
• Metallic colours give excellent results on both dark and light coloured fabrics.
• For an unlimited range of lighter shades mix with white paint.

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