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Fabric Paint Spray, 50 ml, Vielo | Paints, dyes

Fabric Paint Spray, 50 ml, Vielo

How to use:

Thoroughly mix the paint before use.
Paint on a clean and dry fabric.
Leave to dry.

In order to seal in the color, iron the fabric on the inside for 1 – 2 min. with an iron heated to the temperature of 150°C.
The fabric returns to its initial softness after washing.

Fabric type:

Cotton, linen, rayon – a full tone
Cotton/polyester, polyester/rayon – a lighter tone
Wool, silk, polyester, acryl, nylon, and challenging fabrics, can not be colored
If the content of synthetic fibers in mixed fabrics is higher than 50%, the effect of the painting may not be as intensive


Before you start to paint your t-shirt, wash it. It will remove any impurities or substances which may result in the paint not sticking as it should,
Do not add a softener to the washed t-shirt,
Iron the t-shirt thoroughly, before painting on it. Get rid of any wrinkles,
If you want the colors to merge or connect in a nice way, dampen the t-shirt before painting,
Put a towel, cloth or some waxed paper inside the t-shirt while paining, so that the paint does not come out on the back.,
You can also use templates or draw the design on the t-shirt first and then paint over it.

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