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Glass Finish kit Cernit Glass, 120ml+60ml | Paints for China & Ceramics

Glass Finish kit Cernit Glass, 120ml+60ml

• Coating epoxy resin with two components, highly transparent
• Has a very strong and very glossy crystal effect finish
• Suitable for different techniques to obtain a hardness and transparency similar to glass
• Allows to achieve thick layers perfectly leveled and without bubbles. It is also possible to add layers progressively when drying to get 3D effects
• Can be coloured with solvent-based colours

Tips & tricks

How to avoid bubbles :

During the winter, we suggest to add some drops of Darwi Glass diluant 001, to dilute the mix, reduce viscosity and eliminate easily the bubbles.
If you shake the mix too vigorously, you could also generate an extra number of bubbles and eliminate them could be more difficult. As well as above, you could add few drops of Darwi Glass diluant 001 .
During the summer or in hot Countries, please do not leave the Finish Glass drying directly on the sun or in the oven, because drying would be too fast and bubbles could remain trapped on the surface.

Keep in mind that it's a specialized product, and 99% of the time the problem depends on the users. For example, if you shake the mix too energetically, you could generate an extra amount of bubbles and it would be hard to eliminate them all. Solution is as mentioned above: to add few drops of Darwi Glass diluant 001 (not more than 10-15%) , to reduce and easily release the bubbles..

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