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Raamat "Adorable Felted Animals"

Keel: Inglise

30 Easy & Incredibly Lifelike Needle Felted Pals by Unknown.

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Edition: BC Paperback
Size: 203x254 mm
Illustrations: 140
Pages: 80

Create cute and realistic felted animals with this fun and easy-to-follow needle felting book. 

Nothing feels better than a cute, fuzzy animal you can hold in the palm of your hand. Adorable Felted Animals shows you how you can create more than 30 endearing dogs, cats, birds and other animals using a little wool roving, a felting needle, and a few simple techniques. Starting with basic shapes you roll in your hands, you can sculpt the most lifelike miniature animals, using your felting needle to join the individual parts and give them their firm and final shape. With little bits of contrasting wool you can give your felted friends
expressions that are irresistible. It's easy, creative, and very relaxing. These cute felted animals range from the wonderfully realistic to enchantingly cute. Included in this book are beloved dogs such as Golden and Labrador retrievers, a Pug, a Poodle, and Dachshund, exotic cats, like the Siamese and Abyssinian, feathered friends such as the parakeet, cockatiel, lovebird and finch and other companions like the ferret and hamster. The animals range from about 2-4 inches high, and instructions are included for turning a few of your felt creations into fun dangly accessories. A full lesson takes you though one of the projects from beginning to end, covering all the basics to ensure that you have all the skills you need to make any critter you want.

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