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Sawframes & Sawblades

Jewellery Metal Saw Blades. No.3/0 - Glardon Vallorbe (Šveits)

These Glardon Vallorbe Swiss made jewellery metal saw blades are made of the highest quality steel, ensuring great reliability through use. Length (combined): 130mm Length (serrated): 70mm Height: 0,48mm Thickness: 0,24mm Teeth per cm: 23,5

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Tube Holding & Cutting Pliers 17,5cm, PK3911

Tangisega saab fikseerida traate jms lati või toru kujulisi esemeid läbimõõduga 2,5-10mm. Lõikamiseks/saagimiseks on tangi haarade keskel soon - tulemuseks saad täpse ja täisnurkse lõike. Klass: professional Pikkus: 17,5cm (haara pikkus 2,5cm) Käepide: punane libisemisvastane PVC kate Tangide konstruktsioon: topelthaarne BoxJoint Vaata analoogt...

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Replacement Curved Surgical Blades, 5 pcs, No.12

These replacement curved surgical blades can be used with standard scalple mounts, making it ideal for a wide variety of crafting projects that would benefit from precision cuts. The extra-sharp blades are made of carbon steel, providing them with extra strength and durability. Recommended for use with a base cutting mat.

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Extra Heavy-Duty Cutter with Auto-Lock / OFLA (Japan), XH-AL

The XH-AL auto locking cutter from OLFA is a heavy duty cutter that provides a clean and consistent cut even after extended use. Included is an Excel Black ultra sharp blade with several break points, allowing you to get a sharp blade instantly when it gets dull. Comfort-grip sides are padded to provide a stronger grip for any work you're doing. Can b...

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25mm Saw / OLFA (Japan), HSW-1

The HSW-1 saw from OLFA is a heavy duty cutter that provides a clean and consistent cut even after extended use. Included is a HSWB-1 blade with full-fledged toothing designed for extra-hardness and extra-durability. The retractable blade can be locked in place during use. Can be used with: leather, cardboard, paperboard, paper, vinyl, rugs, plastic, and...

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Adjustable Depth Jeweller's Saw Frame

This easily adjustable saw frame is an everday use tool for artists, jewellers, and other artisans who work with metal products. The adjustable frame allows you to use saw blades of varying widths, making this a very versatile tool. Changing saw blades is easy and only requires that you tighten the saw frame's two screws. Length: 295mm Blade lengt...

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