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De-Colourant Pur, Deco-Reco, H'Dupont, 250 ml | Silk Paint, Silk

De-Colourant Pur, Deco-Reco, H'Dupont, 250 ml

Product that makes it possible to remove the paints from the fabric without damaging the textile fibre.
To be used on textiles dyed with H Dupont Classique or Déco-Reco.
The colour-removing-mixture can be kept for about 15 days, the recolouring-mixture only for a maximum of 24 hours.

Not ready to use.
> Mix 20ml of decolourant pure with 80ml of thickener for an application with a stencil, brush, pipette, ...
> Mix 20ml of decolourant pure with 80 ml of demineralized water for an application with a spray, dropper, ...

By applying the colour-removing-mixture on H DUPONT CLASSIQUE paints, the paint will be removed and the silk turns white
On silk, it is possible to decolour and recolour in one action: mix 2 doses of the colour-removing-mixture with 1 dose of paint DÉCO RECO. The colour-removing-mixture removes the existing colour on silk and the DÉCO RECO colour has been settled instead.
After application, let it dry completely and then steam fix.
The final result will only be visible after steam fixation and washing!

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