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Raamat "Stitched Textiles: Seascapes"

Keel: Inglise Autor: Amanda Hislop Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback with flaps Size: 216 x 280 mm Illustrations: 375 Pages: 128 Amanda Hislop reveals the skills and processes she uses to make her incredible textile seascapes. Amanda Hislop’s Seascapes is a wonderful reference tool for all textile artists, whatever their ...

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Raamat "The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano"

Keel: Inglise Autor: Chloe Giordano Publisher: Search Press Edition: BB Hardback Size: 228 x 250 mm Illustrations: 250 Pages: 176 A beautiful in-depth, practical guide to the exquisite textile art of renowned embroiderer, Chloe Giordano. "Utterly amazing! The embroidery work of Chloe Giordano is delicate, tiny, beautiful, realistic, adorab...

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Raamat "Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas"

Keel: Inglise More than 60 stitches and techniques in inspiring combinations by Hazel Blomkamp & Di Van Niekerk. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback with flaps Size: 193 x 260 mm Illustrations: 600 Pages: 112 Over 25 luminous mandalas designs to stitch by master embroiderers Hazel Blomkamp and Di van Niekerk and fine artist Moni...

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Raamat "RSN Essential Stitch Guides: Blackwork"

Keel: Inglise Publisher: Search Press Edition: BE Spiral bound Size: 155 x 215 mm Illustrations: 136 Pages: 96 The Royal School of Needlework teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways. This series of Essential Stitch Guides provides expert tuition on a variety of techniques. In this guide t...

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Raamat "Modern Sashiko"

Keel: Inglise Autor: Silke Bosbach Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 222x222 mm Pages: 64 Silke Bosbach shows you how to create 15 stunning embroidery designs which blend modern techniques with the simple and traditional Japanese method of Sashiko. Traditional Sashiko is a simple folk technique originally used for darning. W...

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Raamat "Beaded Embroidery Stitching"

Keel: Inglise 125 Stitches to Embellish with Beads, Buttons, Charms, Bead Weaving & More by Christen Brown. Publisher: C&T Publishing Edition: BC Paperback Size: 190x241 mm Pages: 160 Add dimension and lustre to your sewing projects! Inspired by the magic of beads, buttons, and charms, Christen Brown shares eight stunning beadwork proj...

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Raamat "Botanica"

Keel: Inglise The three-dimensional embroidery of Julie Kniedl by Inspirations Studio. Publisher: Inspirations Studios Edition: BC Paperback Size: 240x280 mm Pages: 128 Enter a world where nature is re-created with such incredible realism, one can scarcely tell the art from the original. This is the world of Julie Kniedl and her astonishing th...

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Raamat "A-Z of Wool Embroidery"

Keel: Inglise The ultimate resource for beginners and experienced embroiderers by Country Bumpkin. Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Flexi-binding Size: 210x228 mm Illustrations: 900 Pages: 128 The A-Z of Wool Embroidery is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in this field of needlecraft. Part of the bestselling A-Z ...

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Raamat "A-Z of Needlepoint"

Keel: Inglise Autor: Country Bumpkin Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 210x228 mm Pages: 128 This easy to use book takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of needlepoint embroidery (also known as canvaswork), with plenty to enhance the stitch repertoire of those already captivated by this versatile ...

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Raamat "A-Z of Crewel Embroidery"

Keel: Inglise Autor: Country Bumpkin Publisher: Search Press Edition: BC Paperback Size: 210x228 mm Illustrations: 128 Pages: 128 This book introduces you to the tradition that is crewel embroidery and its transformation into an art form that is still popular today. The book is a perfect introduction for beginners and a 'must have' fo...

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