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Raamat "Redwork Blizzard Buddies" | Raamatud tikkimisest

Raamat "Redwork Blizzard Buddies"

Keel: Inglise

10 unique redwork projects to stitch and quilt by Pearl Louise Krush.

Publisher: Annie's
Edition: BC Paperback
Size: 216x276 mm
Illustrations: 100
Pages: 48

A complete collection of creative redwork designs with whimsical flair.

Redwork embroidery is a form of classic embroidery in which red thread is used to create patterns on a white or cream background. Here is a complete collection of creative redwork designs with whimsical flair. Blizzard Buddies has 10 unique redwork quilting projects with 17 embroidered interchangeable motifs to personalise your snow village. Includes detailed stitching art with finishing instructions for each project.

Raamat `Redwork Blizzard Buddies`

Hind : 9.47 € / tk

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big frame Raamat `Redwork Blizzard Buddies`
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