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Dissolvable Stabilizers

Water soluble interlining Nr.30

This water soluble topping prevents the stitches sinking into the fabric like terry cloth, corduroy, fleece, knitted fabrics. Makes small texts and intricate designs cleaner.

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Fabric Stabilizer, Fabric Booster, Odif, 500ml

This product will temporarily stiffen your fabric for a better handling in machines but also avoid fraying during sewing. The effect is reversible after washing, the fabric regains all its suppleness, leaving no residue. Water-based product. Allows you to create 2D or 3D projects with no bending or distortion of the fabrics. Bases Fabrics, felt, rib...

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OdiCoat - waterproof adhesive gel, Odif 250 ml

Use Tranparent and odorless, acid-free and solvent-free, OdiCoat gives an oilcloth waxed appearance to the fabric while protecting it. Once applied, the fabric cnan be sewn, cut, hand or machine washed. Dries in 30 minutes to the touch and completely dry within 24 hours. Odicoat is also used as a glue, it allows adhering all fabrics onto all surfaces. ...

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Water soluble transparent film, solvy, Nr.50

Veeslahustuvat tugikile kasutatakse masintikiimisel ja erinevatel käsitöötehnikate juures abimaterjalina. Masintikkimisel kasutatakse eelkõige pehmetel karvastel ja froteelaadsetel materjalidel ning pitsi puhul ,et tikand jääks ühtlane. Kui tikand valmis, loputakse ese külmas vees ja nii eemaldatakse-pestakse tugikile ära. Laius 80cm. Valmist...

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